Frequently asked questions

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What stock exchanges are covered on the website?
At the moment only S&P500 and Nasdaq100 stocks are covered. We will cover all US stocks in upcoming updates.
What is the time frame of Financial ratios in the Screener? Annual, Quarterly, or TTM?
All Financial ratios in Screener are "Annual ratios".
When do our data updates?
Different datapoints updates on different timings as stated below*
1. Stock News - 8:30 PM UTC Daily
2. Stock Profile - 11:30 PM UTC Daily
3. Financial Ratios - 11:30 PM UTC Daily
4. EOD OHLC prices - 10:50 PM UTC Daily
5. Financial Statements - 1:00 PM UTC Weekly
*data gets updated by these timings not on these timings.
Does website charge you for screening or downloading purposes?
No, website does not charge you for screening or downloading purposes at the moment.
How numbers are rounded off while presenting on the website?
Fundabets presnts a number in a way it is more readable by humans. Large numbers are presented in nearest million or billion and all ratios are rounded off to 2 digits after decimal. This is useful for numbers that can get very large(millions and billions) or very small in decimal (and too hard to read).
How to report a bug or request a feature?
You can write to us at